By Anindya Devy on July 2, 2018


Bask in the sun in the golden hour, the best time of the day.


Photograph by: Diego Galaz

Stylist: Garazi Cortazar

Model: Nargiza @ 5th Avenue Spain

hal1-2 copy Left.  T-shirt, Wasted Paris.  Right. Sweater, Aldo Martins. Shirt, Obey. Pants, Garazi Cortazar. Shoes, Nike.

hal3-4  Left. Shirt, UO. Sweatshirt, Garazi Cortazar.    Right. Coat, AMT. T-shirt, Stone Island. Pants, A.C.A.B. Shoes, LIP.

hal5-6  Left. Top, UO. Green pants, AMT. Beige pants, UO. Bag, Supreme.   Right. Top, Aldo Martins. Scarf, Matter Matters.

hal7-8 Left. T-shirt, Stone Island.  Right. T-shirt, Wasted Paris. Bomber jacket, Alpha Industries. Pants, Garazi Cortazar. Shoes, LIP.

hal9-10 T-shirt & pants, A.C.A.B. Jacket, ATM.