By Anindya Devy on April 12, 2018


Put on different face and be the master of disguise. Who do you want to be today?


Photography : Honey Gueco (

Styling : Joss Jaycoff (

Makeup: Raffaele Romagnoli (

Hair : Deni Toledo (@denitoledo)

Model : Lidia Piszczor – BLOW Models.

Special thanks to @leswingvintage Barcelona.


1-2Left. Shirt, Ralph Lauren. Jewelry, Aristocrazy.   Right.  Blazer, Ines de la Fressange. Jewelry, Aristocrazy.

3-4Left. Leopard dress, Yves Saint Laurent. Necklace, bracelet & ring, Aristocrazy.  Earrings: 80s vintage.    Right.  Trench coat, Otello Pelle. Jewelry, Aristocrazy.

5-6Left. Jumpsuit, Celine. Jewelry, Aristocrazy. Beret hat, Dior.   Right.  Dress, Gianni Versace. Scarf, Chanel. Jewelry, Aristocrazy.