By Alexander Kusuma Praja on December 19, 2016

Setelah meraih atensi umum lewat track kolaborasinya dengan Emir Hermono yang bertajuk “3AM in Jakarta”, nama Ariel Nayaka memang kian dikenal oleh pecinta musik dalam negeri, khususnya dalam skena hip-hop. Just a few days ago, cowok berumur 22 tahun ini kembali berkolaborasi dengan Emir plus Rayi Putra dalam track berjudul “021” yang juga bisa disebut sebagai sekuel dari “3AM in Jakarta”. With the same chill vibe and intimate feels, lagu berdurasi 3:08 menit ini sekilas membangkitkan kenangan akan track hip-hop/RnB circa 90-an sampai awal 2000-an namun tetap terdengar current. Sambil menunggu video musik untuk lagu ini selesai digarap, Ariel Nayaka pun membagikan 10 lagu favoritnya beserta alasan masing-masing. Oleh: Alexander Kusumapradja. Foto oleh: Willie William.



Tory Lanez

Lagu ini bisa gue dengerin di mood apapun sih sebenarnya. I can relate to it so much but not through the lyrics, but the sound of the music as whole package just really gets me.

“Basement Freestyle”

Travis Scott

First time I heard this I fell in love with how Travis plays around with his vocals. Definitely a true inspiration for the stuff that I make.


“Digital Dash”

Drake & Future

Dulu pas gue baru pindah ke Jerman, lagu ini and to be honest the whole What a Time to be Alive accompanied me on a daily basis. Tapi tetap lagu ini buat gue yang paling stand out.


“Marvin’s Room”


Who cannot love this song? Shows that rapper can be soft as cookie dough too.



Bryson Tiller

This song is beautifully written and composed. Bryson’s lyrics have a way to get to me.


“Miami Ultras”

Yung Lean

Secara instrumentation, lagu Yung Lean yang ini sangat experimental dan gue suka banget. I love how musicians explore newer and very “out of the box” sounds. So props to Lean for that!


“Gang Related”


This is one of the modern hip hop songs that actually has a very deep storytelling. Seen from 2 perspectives, Logic tells the story of his wild childhood.



Uno The Activist & Playboi Carti

This is my favorite turn up song to date! A simple song with just one word on the hook, this track gave me the chills when I first heard it


“Ten Crack Commandments”

The Notorious B.I.G.

A classic track from the East Coast legend that has the best flow of all time!


“Self Control”

Frank Ocean

This song not only sounds beautiful, but this song has a strong meaning to me personally. If you listen to the lyrics close, its as if Frank Ocean took the words right out of my mouth. I’ve broken down in tears to this song #honestyhour.