By webdev on June 27, 2016

Reinforcing their partnership, Swatch and Mika have released a brand new Swatch Art Special. The new work takes up the story that began with the singer’s first Swatch three years ago. The brightly colored tribal mask that graced the first design has  evolved  into  a  character  by  the  name  of  MUMU,  who  lives  together  with  other  creatures  (crowned  frogs,  birds, butterflies…)  in  a  fantastic  world  packed  full  of  mysterious  signs  and  symbols.  Inspired  by  indigenous  art  from  Mexico,

Spain, Portugal and the Near East, Mika developed the story and design together with his sister Yasmine.

MUMU-CUCURRUCUCU  (SUOZ210),  a  brilliant  New  Gent,  features  a  luxuriously  engraved,  gold-colored  dial  with  bright, geometric  designs  on  the  front  and  back  of  the  silicone  strap.  The  special  packaging  embeds  the  brand-new  watch  in  a mysterious world full of colors and out-of-this-world designs.

“Working with Swatch was seriously fun,” says Mika. “So much of what we do is about telling stories, and the new watch is stuffed full of things that have a huge story behind them. They’re meant to provoke curiosity, so that it becomes not just a watch but a strange, mystical object.”

The  worldwide release  of  MUMU-CUCURRUCUCU begins May  20  in  Lisbon  at  the  start  of  Mika’s next concert  tour,  which takes him from Portugal to France, Switzerland and Belgium before circling back to the United Kingdom.