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By webdev on March 9, 2015

With many local brands bazaar overwhelming us in every each week, we would like to highlight Pop Up Market : an annual thematic local brands bazaar which is organised by the students of Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics students since 2012. Pop Up Market is unlike no other bazaar, and these facts will surely make you agree that Pop Up Market is the coolest local brands bazaar ever :


  1. Not-for-Profit

Are you worried about the trends of local brands bazaar that are charging entrance fee their visitors? Fret not, Pop Up Market is not for profit and we are genuinely doing this to give our best to our fellow entrepreneurs and also visitors, not for their money! So, FREE ENTRY FOR EVERYONE!


  1. Support and help local brands to develop

Also, as business student we understand the hardship and struggle local entrepreneurs are facing, therefore Pop Up Market also educates Pop Up Market tenants about best practices in businesses from our very own academicians and trusted professionals. And the best part is, we are here to give the platform for start-up brands to rise!


  1. Well-Curated

We can proudly say that Pop Up Market brings you the best of the Indonesia’s local brands. Be it well-established brands like Voyej and Nikicio, we also brings the best local start-up such as Neema and D A R A!


  1. Focused on experience

Bringing fashion district themes annually, Pop Up Market has become a leisure destination where visitors could feel the ultimate shopping experience that indulges their five senses. This year, we are bringing Champs Elysees, Paris to Jakarta!


We are sure that you are as excited as we are. We can’t wait to see you experience Pop Up Market 2015 on Thursday-Sunday, 12th-15th March 2015 at LOTTE Shopping Avenue, Kuningan!

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